Sunday, June 28, 2009

Your Time Starts....Now!

It's Time. Time to go. Spike is at work, Mrs Holt Press has taken Sport Boy to Australind to play tennis for the day, it's just me left, I've finished the home stage of packing and I'm about to depart for school. In an hours time all the kids will be there, 127 of them, and by 12 we'll hopefully be on the road to Perth for the beginning of Country Week. It's been a long time in the planning but I think we're ready. It's the third time I've been the school country week manager and hopefully it will go as well as the first two times. The weather reports for Perth are not great for sport but wonderful for dams and farmers. We're hoping to have pizza at the Kings Park lookout tonight but ultimately the weather will determine our venue. Competition kicks off tomorrow morning after the opening ceremony and runs until Friday lunchtime.

My schedule will be a little different though because on Friday morning I'm meeting the Footy Trippers at the airport and the 9 of us are flying to Melbourne via Adelaide. We need to make a tight connecting flight in order to get into Melbourne by 5pm then off to the MCG for Collingwood v Essendon. There were 83,000 people at the Essendon v Carlton game on Friday night so the crowd is likely to be something similar this week and even though we've already got our tickets, getting to the footy in such a huge crowd will be a challenge.
So, it's two and a half weeks of sport, footy and adventure ahead. It's times like these when I really love my job!

I need to get to work and pack the PA, collect the cheques to pay for everything, tie up any loose ends and get ready for departure.

Bon Voyage.

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