Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Brother

Mum rang while we were driving home from the football on Sunday night with some bad news: Alan, aka Big Brother the Accountant, had had a bad fall and fractured his skull! He'd be in hospital for 48 hours observation but it didn't sound too bad, if you know what I mean? (I'm not sure I know what I mean so don't worry if you don't!)

I spoke to Lyn tonight to get an update and realised that the injury was more severe than first thought. It's not life-threatening but the doctors have been concerned enough to keep him in hospital and run a battery of tests on his heart and brain. Along with the fracture he has bruising and some "minor" bleeding on the brain as well as bruising and soreness on the rest of his body.

The good news is that he has improved significantly compared to the first two days and is sitting up, eating and drinking and has now regained his memory of the accident. He had been clearing branches and garden waste in preparation for the verge collection and had climbed on top of the growing pile on the verge in an effort to squash it down and subsequently fallen off, smacking his head on the footpath. Ouch!

Sounds like he'll be out of action for a while yet but at least his condition has improved.

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Peter said...

You just never know when your number will pop up do you.