Friday, June 26, 2009

One Day to Go

I have been working long hours all week because next week is Country Week: we leave at lunch time on Sunday and everything has to be finished and ready before then, not just for Country Week but also for the Melbourne Footy Trip. We fly to Melbourne tomorrow week and will be away for 11 days, we being 7 kids (6 boys, 1 girl), Favourite Daughter and I, 9 in total.
We're going to 6 games, 5 in Melbourne and 1 in Adelaide on the way home.
So, between these two major activities there's been a lot to do. I'm relieved to say that I'm almost there, having knocked over some major chunks of it in the last few days.
Mainly oose ends and small details to deal with tomorrow and then packing on Saturday, fitted around one last shift in the taxi Friday night and coaching the soccer team on Saturday afternoon.
I will be reactivating one of my other blogs for the next few weeks while I'm away, the MelbourneFootyTrip blog. I'll leave a link so you can follow our adventures if you feel inclined or you can find it on the sidebar.

I had the final coaches meeting this morning, making sure the staff are all ready and prepared for our week in Perth. It's always a good event but the weather forecasts are pretty ugly so it may be a cold wet week of sport in the city, which might be good preparation for a week of cold wet footy in Melbourne the week after!
I had the final briefing meeting with the footy trippers at lunch time and they are all excited with only 8 sleeps to go!

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