Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Catching Up

The Big Hairy Cat, Cam Mooney. The footy was good on Sunday, Mrs Holt Press, Sport Boy, The Heir and I all went. I was confident even though West Coast played well and we didn't belt them like we did last year but Mrs HP was a Nervous Nellie and The Heir got a bit agitated a couple of times. There were some great passages of play but none more memorable than when West Coast's McNamara broke clear of the pack and ran towards the 50m arc to kick the ball.....in the wrong direction! Shannon Byrnes gratefully accepted and duly kicked a goal for the Cats! A true LOL moment!
A measure of the high standards we put on Gary Ablett now is that we felt he had a good but not outstanding game, only to learn that by the end he'd had 43 possessions!

VTES at the Yallingup Maze last weekend. She really enjoyed finding her way around the maze, as did Sport Boy. I liked it but felt that the raised walkways between some sections detracted from the challenge as they enabled you to map out your route a lot more easily.
Still well worth the visit though.

Sport Boy enjoying Barcelona's victory over Manchester United in the European Champions League Final a couple of weeks ago. We got up for the 5am replay rather than the 2am live telecast!
I hosted a group from a Uniting Church Leadership course this morning who came to quiz me about my leadership style and role in the school.They asked a few questions. I talked a lot! They seemed satisfied and happy with the outcome. There were a few familiar faces in the group, including one who tried to disguise his identity in his usual Diesel way but Broadie couldn't fool me.
This arvo I coached the junior footy team in a game against Clontarf up in Bunbury. We lost but it was a good game, inaccurate kicking cost us any real chance of victory.
I didn't get to watch it but I was very pleased for Roger Federer when he won the French Open last night to equal Pete Sampras' record of 14 Grand Slam titles and became just the 6th man to win all four Grand Slams in his career.

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