Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Beautiful Laundrette

I'm blogging from the laundry at Mountway Apartments. We've been out to the Country Week Dinner Dance tonight and got back after 11. A few kids (girls) wanted to do washing/drying so I told them I would do their washing and sent them to bed, they have games to play in the morning, they need their sleep more than me.

The Dinner Dance went pretty well although they took too long serving the food and thus by the time the captains and coaches speeches finished we had run out of time for dancing. Noone seemed to mind too much, certainly not the boys. I did have to chide the group on their inability to be quiet and show respect when someone is talking to them! Seems like speaking in public AND listening in public are unknown concepts to teenagers in 2009!
Thankfully there are some great kids amongst them who shine in many different ways and give me some cause for hope when I'm tempted to lapse into my Grumpy Old Man persona!

Another day at Country Week, another trip to the hospital, this time for a broken collarbone, the result of a collision in the football. Not much you can do for a busted collarbone, just a sling and some painkillers. Another kid went home tonight due to illness, we are shrinking.

Tomorrow night is my night off, and Mrs Holt Press is coming up, and along with Favourite Daughter we are going to the Simon and Garfunkel concert! Next day the kids will be Homeward Bound but I'll be leaving on a jet plane, headed for Melbourne, woohoo!

The washing is still going, I wonder if it will be finished before the tennis, Hewitt V Roddick at Wimbledon?

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