Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend in Busso

"Circles" pen on paper

Favourite Daughter just rang, she has arrived back in Halls Creek and starts work at the school again tomorrow morning. I feel very proud of her; for taking on a potentially challenging job so far from home and all the familiar comforts of family and friends. She is happy to be back there and looking forward to working with Leo, the boy for whom she is a teacher's aide.

After the rigours of the long night on Friday I slept most of Saturday before going to church with Mrs Holt Press. Noel talked about the Lord's Prayer and will be speaking about it for the next few weeks.

After church I went round to Dave's place to watch the replay of the Geelong Hawthorn game on Foxtel. It was comforting knowing the result considering how far behind the Cats got early in the last quarter. Dave arrived home with his date, Yvonne; they had been out for dinner with friends. The Foxtel days may be numbered because sadly Dave has had to close down his business, and consequently is tightening his belt. Another victim of the economic troubles.

He's hoping to pick up some work pretty quickly to keep the cash flow going.

With my body clock out of whack I stayed up very late last night and slept late again today. Mrs HP took Sport Boy to Australind for his tennis academy training then they had lunch with Mrs Robinson who was on her way home to Perth from a church camp in Busso.

I went to see Harry Potter then bought some fish and chips to take home for dinner for the family, a nice treat.

Thus ends another typical weekend in Busselton.

"Red Circles", pen on card

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