Saturday, July 25, 2009

Awake, Barely

You are "lucky" to be reading this because by rights I should be asleep. I finished my cab shift pretty late and having a 9.00am soccer game to coach made the brave but reckless decision to stay up rather than get an hour and a half's sleep then try and wake up sufficiently to coach the team. By about 7.30 as my head was nodding and my eyes rolling in front of the computer I doubted I would make it but I managed to stay awake long enough to get a second wind. We've just returned home from the game, a 6-0 triumph against St Joseph's and I'm again starting to flag. I had hoped to be able to watch the Geelong Hawthorn game at lunchtime but it is not on until 8.00 o'clock tonight. So, I'm off to bed, and will have to be content with watching the game 8 hours after the event.
Go Cats

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The HoJo's said...

Nice colour Mrs HP ( I still haven't met you )


Mr Holt Press, I want advance warning of when you are working so I can plan a night out because I am seriously unhappy with the taxi service tonight (not your fault I know but grrrr big time)

welcome home and all that Jazz xc