Sunday, July 19, 2009

Uninvited Visitor

Not this one. Favourite Daughter and I had lunch with Vicki and Mum in Adelaide and the car was full of pot plants. This one provided FD with some camoflague.
Nor this one. With Fred Chaney at the chaplain's conference this week.
This one! Somewhere in the car!! As I was driving home from Perth on Friday night a spider came scurrying across the windscreen (on the inside). It hid behind the GPS then roamed back and forth around the sun visor. I'm not overly scared of spiders but the thought of this one, a small huntsman, dropping from the roof into my lap or onto my head didn't thrill me! I kept thinking of that song about the funnel web in the car, "Somewhere in the car...". I kept a wary eye on it whilst trying not to run off the road or into the path of an oncoming truck. Finally I was relieved when it crawled down to the door and I was able to wind the window down and rapidly flick the offending arachnid out of the car, hopefully into the path of an oncoming truck!
BTW, that's it's hairy leg sticking out in the picture above.
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