Friday, June 15, 2007

The YWAM Crew

Top: Lauren, Group playing with toys, Corey, Lara
2nd: Carter, Landon-the team leader, Merrick, Cara
3rd: ?, Carlos, Sonya, Dan
Bottom: Sara, Sarah, Lauren, Lauren

All week I've had a team of young people from YWAM working in the school. There are 13 of them, from Canada, England, Australia, Brazil and the USA, who have presented seminars to all the Yr 8 & 9 Health Ed classes on topics like Bullying, Relationships, Alcohol and Drugs. They've done a great job and we've had a really good time together, they hang out in my office between sessions playing with all my toys and puzzles and helping me with jobs that need doing. Considering they're all aged between 18-20 and have paid their own way to come to Australia and be part of a 6 month DTS-Discipleship Training School- they are a very impressive bunch of young people. Before coming to Busselton they spent time in China and Mongolia!
Tomorrow is their last day so we're having a big pizza lunch and inviting the kids to come and hang out with them and hear a bit more of their story. Today they helped me run a Phat Thursday lunchtime program and got their hands dirty playing "Frozen Chook Ten Pin Bowling", always a poular favourite. Corey, top row, 3rd from the left, even managed to bowl a strike at his first attempt, a truly impressive achievement!
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