Thursday, June 07, 2007

More on the Subject

I knew yesterday's post would provoke a reaction. Cara, 2Peter and The Heir all left thoughtful comments and I largely agree with the things they said. I certainly agree that men should take responsibility for and control their actions in relation to girls and women. My experience is that while many do, many don't, or, they allow themselves to fall into a type of behaviour and attitude which devalues women and treats them as sex objects. I see it repeatedly. And I'm not so immune that bodily displays don't affect me, despite my firm beliefs and values on the subject. We are body soul and spirit and react at all levels. The spirit should control the body. But it doesn't always.
In light of this, I think girls should at the very least be made aware of how they may be viewed by some boys and men, and be willing to consider that when choosing what to wear.
Men are ultimately responsible for their actions, and women are never to blame for what men do based solely on what they wear, but it is unrealistic to think you can wear whatever you want and not attract attention which may well be unhelpful to both viewer and wearer.
The female body is a beautiful thing and should be appreciated, but more than that, it should be respected. When it is put on open display and portrayed as a sexual object it diminishes respect and creates problems for many men.
In a school context, where the primary objective is education and development, revealing clothes are an unnecessary distraction.


2Peter said...

In a school context, where the primary objective is education and development, revealing clothes are an unnecessary distraction.

I guess you could replace school with other contexts as well: work, funeral etc. Horses for courses. Maybe rather than the sometimes inflammatory "an unnecessary distraction" you could just say "inappropriate" and talk about the work/funeral example to get across the meaning!!

Heth said...

I agree with everything being said but would say it goes both ways. How many guys walk down the street in the summer with their shirts off? i was at a gig on saturady where the guy took his shirt off obvioulsy for no other reason but to drive the young girls in the audience crazy. Its not just us girls that need to be careful about what message our clothing is sending out espcailly with the new craze of badly fitting jeans with guys that show just a little too much of their boxers! Maybe we all just need to be careful and considerate of each other?

Marcus said...

Welcome Heth, nice to see you here at Holt Press.

It's funny but I don't seem to get that same reaction when I take my shirt off and walk down the street!
I don't understand it!

I personally think there should be a law against boys wearing their boxers sticking out of their jeans, not because of the sexual impact but just out of sheer stupidity!

There's a reason it's called underwear!

heth said...

Got to agree with you on that one! despite what they may think it is not a good look!

2Peter said...

This is starting to sound like an episode of Grumpy Old Men!

Zaac said...

except one of the "grumpy old men" is a short young english girl and in defence of the boxers it kind of happens without deliberate intent, in some cases anyway, my shirt stays on so direct your distaste someplace else ;]

heth said...

hey im older than you 20 year old! and im not talking about a little bit of accidental boxer showage, im talking about examples such as that unbelievably talented football player at drop in who tends to leave not very much to the imagination in that department. and o such a cheap shot with the short! ;p

Zaac said...

hey, anyone who can play football like that is above reproach, he can wear his pants however he likes!