Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I'm addicted to Scrabble at the moment, computer Scrabble that is, and it's a painful addiction because I lose a lot more than I win! The problem is I play against "Professor Maven" the computer's resident Scrabble genius. I have a choice at what level I can set the proffessor to play and therein lies the dilemma. If I set him at Advanced I win pretty easily so I set him at Expert, and he usually kicks my butt! The scary thing is he has another level to go to but I haven't been game to take him on at Champion level! All is not lost though, according to the computer's records I have a winning percentage of between 25% and 28%. Each win is hard fought and precious.
Tomorrow night is Scrabble Club with the old ladies and they are going to cop some Professor Maven inspired pounding!!

With less than a week to go until Country Week I'm working hard to make sure everything is ready. Most things are coming together but there are always new dilemmas to deal with, for instance, today the caterer rang me with the bad news that her regular supplier has refused to make lamingtons this year and no-one else is willing to step into the breach!! We're not talking puny supermarket sized lamingtons here, these were mega-jumbo sized chocolate and coconut monsters, almost a meal in themselves! Country Week will not be the same without them, although it's not all bad news; there will be a choice of 4 replacements, including one of my all-time favourites, chocolate hedgehog slice!


La Hormiguita Cantora said...

I've never played scrabble, but I'm convinced to buy and enjoy it some day. If you says it's addictive, better, LOL.

By now, my addiction is PC computer game "Diablo 2", and I lose hours of life because of it, hehe. Shame on me.

Have a nice week

Zaac said...

you really shouldnt publicise these things...
why did the cats not play last weekend?
im in oxford this week-ish, at least im crashing at different peoples houses, partially for fun, partially so the brighouses can have some space while the boys are home from uni. tis quite fun so far!