Saturday, June 16, 2007

Too Tired to Blog

It's 3.30am at Holt Press after a very full day and night.
The last day of YWAM stuff at school. Pizzas for lunch with 100 hungry kids.
Driving the cab tonight. No time to post about the drunk woman driver and her unbelievable excuses and denial, that will have to wait.
Thankfully Sport Boy's soccer game tomorrow kicks off at Noon so I can have a decent sleep-in (hopefully).

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Zaac said...

woe betide the unsuspecting taxi using drunks of busselton eh.. in case you didnt notice, i didnt call this morning, tho i have a morning off before the festival tomoro/today (its 2am and ive JUST finished a fone call to a friend so theres a good chance that free morning will be ised for sleeping) however, if i do wake up ill try to give you a ring =D