Sunday, June 24, 2007


In a gut-wrenching display of will powerI dragged myself out of bed this morning to get to soccer on time. The late taxi shift-early soccer combo is not a favourite at Holt Press. The weather has been filthy the last couple of days but thankfully the rain held off until five minutes after our game finished this morning. It would have quickly degenerated into water polo otherwise. The wind blew a gale against us in the first half, then mysteriously dissipated to a gentle breeze when it was our turn in the second half! It was a close exciting game, Cornerstone led 1-0, then fell 2-1 behind before staging a great recovery in the second half to win 3-2. Sport Boy was excellent again, playing both defense and attack.

I did a few jobs and errands, including exchanging a couple of tops that the family gave me for my birthday. Sadly they under-estimated my size as they were both too small. I ended up getting 4 new tops in the exchange but had to pay some extra, for my own birthday present!

I slept for a couple of hours this arvo before heading off for tonight's taxi shift. I drove the bus tonight and had some stark contrast between the various groups of passengers. Two hockey teams were great fun, very friendly and chatty and amusing; I took one group to Margaret River then went back for them a few hours later. Less pleasant was the group of young women all dolled up and loaded with bottles of booze and low-cut tops who quickly degenerated into foul language and bitchiness when they realised that their looks weren't going to earn them any short-cuts or discounts! One of them complained that I had turned the meter on too soon and another actually said "But we're sexy!" as if that was some sort of valid reason for them not to pay a legitimate fare!

I'm looking forward to a proper sleep-in tomorrow. I'm on roster at the gallery in the afternoon and then Mum and Walter are coming to visit in honour of my birthday now that they are home again from their trip east.


jayne said...

are you and your family around 14-18th july? that's when i'll be in busso, would love to see you guys!

Marcus said...

Hi Jayne

No and Yes! Carolyn and the kids will be home but I'll be away in Melbourne for two weeks, getting back on July 24. Are you going to Melbourne or Sydney while you're here?


jayne said...

i'll be in sydney 2-4th july and melbourne 11th&12th july (i think!)...aww,sad to miss you,gutted that i'm not going to see noel and steph either!!!hopefully i'll get to see carolyn though.

Marcus said...

We'll be in Melbourne at the same time, perhaps we can catch up there! It would be a shame to miss you when you've come this far.

I'll be in Melbourne July 6-24.

Mobile No. 0411 558379


jayne said...

cool! hopefully my phone will work over there, if not i'm sure i could find a call box somewhere (do they still exist in this age of mobile phones?!)