Friday, June 29, 2007

3 More Sleeps

The days are getting very hectic trying to make sure everything is ready for Country Week.
On Sunday we leave for 6 days in Perth with 147 kids and 14 staff and invariably there are challenges and changes to deal with constantly. Yesterday there were $9,000 in unpaid fees, today it was down to $3000, the threat of not being allowed on the bus unless fees are paid in full did the trick! By tomorrow I expect it to be down to just a couple of hundred.

We had a Country Week Assembly today to farewell the team, announce team captains etc. It was a very frustrating experience. There were many other certificates to hand out and students to recognise for excellent academic achievements which is great, but it was so slow and ponderous and inefficient that the assembly ran 20 minutes into lunchtime!!!! By the time I spoke, 2nd last on the program I was so conscious of the over-run and the restlessness of the kids who'd been sitting on the wooden floor of the gym for over an hour that I raced through it at about 200 km/ph.
I find that sort of poor performance and lack of understanding very trying of my patience, which comes in a very small bottle at the best of times!!

I was working on CW stuff right up until 6.30 then raced up to volleyball to do refereeing duty only to find the rest of the team had got there first and had it covered so I went back to the office to keep working. Unfortunately I neglected to turn my lights off when I got out of the car. They were still on when I came out an hour later and I thought it wouldn't be a big problem, but it was! The battery was dead as a doornail! My volleyball game was about to start! Instead of being an hour early I ended up being 10 minutes late! More frustration!
On a happier note, we won 3-0.
I'll have to collect the car in the morning. It will cause some mild consternation for those who get there early, it's parked in the Deputy Principal's parking spot!

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