Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dream or reality?

I think I dreamed this morning that the soccer team won 4-0 and Sport Boy played really well, or it may have happened in real life, I'm not sure. If I did get up this morning and go to soccer after 3 and a bit hours of post-taxi sleep it was one of the more impressive feats of human endurance in the post-modern era, or in the last week, one of the two.

Beyond the soccer dream there was a hazy garage sale experience in which I found one of those three wheeled push-bikes (trikes?) that seem to be peculiarly common in Busselton and was able to haggle the price down from $250 to $190. I think removing the front wheel and loosening the classic "Angel Bar" handlebars enabled me to get it in the car to bring home. Replete with large basket at the back, between the two rear tyres, it will make an ideal vehicle for the junk mail round, and as a transition stage before one or both of us has to take to a gopher. They cost about $700-800 new so it was a "bargain"!

I spent the afternoon back in bed recovering from last night and preparing for tonight. In an effort to raise some extra funds, and because I'll be away for a few weeks in July and September, I'm driving the taxi on both Friday and Saturday nights this month.

My most interesting fare tonight was to pick up a family of 5 from the airport who had just flown down from Perth on a small twin propellor passenger plane. Turns out prior to that they had flown down from Broome this afternoon. I took them on the final leg of their journey, to Eagle Bay, where they were going to a party! That's a darn long way to come to a party! The bloke, who wore a cowboy hat off the plane, has a cattle station near Broome and there was an abundance of cowboy hats in evidence when we arrived at the party. Apparently The Magnificent Seven (a "country" band of some repute) were playing. I take this on advisement, courtesy of a subsequent customer, because I of course have a deliberate extremely small knowledge of country music and it's proponents. I have an inheritance coming which is designed to remedy this particular deficiency so I'm not in any hurry to further my knowledge at this point, and considering what the precursor to said inheritance must necessarily be, nor am I in any hurry in the future.
I can only surmise that there is money to be made in either cattle or country music, or perhaps even both, because apart form the cost of the flying excursion, the bloke in the cowboy hat gave me $100 for the $85 fare and told me to keep the change.


Peter said...

Well, so much to say... so little time to say it. First up I'm not surprised to hear that you dreamed you were at the soccer match.. having seen you in that state so many times over the years.
Only a born entrepreneur would have seen the value in the trike (your paternal grandfather would have been proud of you.)
Now as for your views on country music... I believe we may have discussed this matter before and I've found your opinions to be utterly worthless.... that being said, I think the money is coming from the cattle I doubt that more than a handful of people make much money from country music here in Oz.
BTW have a little sympathy for me as Warren is here for the weekend so I'm suffering a bit... mainly sore sides from laughter.

Marcus said...

The question is Great GodFather of Country Music, have you heard of The Magnificent Seven?

Laughter is the best medicine so lap it up!


Peter said...

Yes the Magnificent seven have performed at a Gympie Muster I believe, not sure when and I pretty sure it wasn't one I attended.
Still laughing... with Warren you don't get an option.