Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Blog Post you have when you're not having a Blog Post

I promised myself I wouldn't blog tonight, I'd just go straight to bed when I got home from work.
This is the result!

I couldn't get a ticket to the footy as it was a sell-out, which in the end was a blessing in disguise cause West Coast won by 11 goals and I wouldn't have enjoyed watching that!

Instead I went to visit an old friend but I won't say any more about that now, it can wait till I upload some pictures and have more time.

I then finally located The Art Shed, an art supply shop in Myaree that I've been told about but never been able to find before. Finding it was well worth it, I got some bargains and have plenty of big blank canvases to work on.

The drive home to Busso was uneventful. A succession of signs on the highway promised a "HUGE GARAGE SALE" at Dawesville but it was in fact a piddly affair with a motley assortment of rubbish, trash and garbage.

I started in the taxi at 6.45pm and have just finished at 6.30am, the late shift being punishment for my sin of starting late. It was a pretty good shift, busy most of the night, a good earner, and some interesting customers. One of them was a former Carine student, Nathan, so we spent the trip to Yallingup catching up on each other's news. He was sporting a very fancy twirled moustache and makes a living as a Share Trader.
The last hour was the toughest, trying to stay awake enough to read the paper and answer the two calls we got for cabs.

I'm going to bed and I'd really like to sleep until after lunchtime.
I'll let you know how I got on!

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