Sunday, June 03, 2007


I took the opportunity to call in and visit an old friend of ours yesterday . Miriam lives in Innaloo but we first met when we lived and worked in Warwick at the Chip Inn drop in centre at Warwick Church of Christ.
Miriam and Jan adopted us in the role of surrogate grandparents and we have stayed in touch ever since. They always came to visit at Christmas and brought gifts for our family.
Almost exactly 12 months ago, Jan passed away at the age of 91 (I think). He was sitting in church singing his favourite hymn at the time and just clsed his eyes, dropped his head and as Miriam said, "His spirit was gone". As life-long believers it was a peacful and beautiful way to die and not a cause of sadness or grief at all.
Miriam keeps herself busy within the reitirement village in which she lives and with her family and friends. She's just been to Bribie Island and Uluru with her two daughters and told some lovely stories of her time away. She is writing a book of the story of their lives and as a highly articulate and intelligent woman who thankfully has full retention of her mental faculties, it promises to be a great read. She and Jan lived very full and adventurous lives.
Before I left I asked whether she would come down to Busselton for a visit and her eyes lit up and she said yes she'd love to. We will organise it so that we can pick her up when I'm up in Perth for work some time in the next couple of months.
She and Carolyn are very fond of one another so I'm sure it will be a special visit for everyone.
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