Sunday, March 08, 2009


We went to the Augusta Mission Team reunion this afternoon at the Edwards' place at Australind. It was good to see everyone again and share some stories of life since mission then pray for one another. There is a very strong "family" feel to the team which I think all of us appreciate and value. Mum and Walter were there too, one of the last times we'll see Mum before she sets off on her big adventure to America and France. Must remember to tell her that I got Skip's address and they're living in San Diego now! Very handy seeing as that's where she'll be staying with Paul and Vicki when she first gets to the US.

The Heir is moving to Perth tomorrow in preparation for going to Uni in second semester. I helped him load his belongings into the trailer and then we fiddled around trying to fix the lights. A couple of replacement globes did the trick. We're setting off fairly early tomorrow as I'll be meeting with the family at lunchtime in preparation for the funeral service on Monday.

Then I settled back in my armchair to watch Geelong beat Carlton to advance to the NAB Cup "Grand Final" against Collingwood next weekend. As I've said before, the pre-season tournament means very little, but I'd rather win games than lose them. There is some extra incentive: I think any team who wins the NAB Cup and the premiership in the same season gets a million dollar bonus from the AFL!

Tomorrow is Mrs Holt Press' birthday. Unfortunately with the Heir and I needing to get to Perth by lunchtime we won't be around for much of the celebration, although I have got her a nice surprise present!

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