Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pictorial catch-up

Mum & Walter came over for a quick visit today, just long enough to help hang a curtain and give me a haircut.
Mum leaves for the USA and France on Thursday and will be away for 68 days! Bon Voyage!

Newest member of the Holt Press "family", Victoria, henceforth to be known as VTES - Victoria The Exchange Student, on this blog.

Frozen Chook Bowling @ Phat Phriday

"Justice Mercy Compassion" Now finished (and ready for sale!)

A collection of US presidential election badges bought on ebay, now hanging in The Hair's room as he is the most politically inclined of all the Holt Press offspring.

New "curtain" in Victoria's room

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Phil said...

Oooooh, Presidential badges. I haven't seen any of those nice Lenin badges I sent you. He was a President too... pfff. Last time I risk a suicide bomber to buy you memorabilia from Chicken St.

Marcus said...

Steady on their Mr Phil! Your Lenin badges are on my "Most Prized Badges" framed display immediately above my desk!!!
But, as you mention it, I may put one of the Commie icon up with the yanks!
And trust me, I do appreciate your mission to Chicken St on my behalf!