Friday, March 13, 2009

Family Update

The Hair is away on a Red Cross Cadets camp so the house is unusually quiet.
It will return to normal tomorrow, and increase in volume come Sunday when Victoria moves in. Victoria is a German exchange student who is coming to stay with us for the next three months.
Her previous placement wasn't working out and we were asked to consider having her. We discussed it as a family then went through a screening interview to determine whether we were dodgy characters. Apparently not.
Hopefully Victoria will feel relaxed and at home with us.

Favourite Daughter has been doing the cooking at tea time for the last week or so which Mrs Holt Press is really appreciating. The food has been great.

Sport Boy has started going for a run and doing push ups in the morning before school. The messages from the coaches at the soccer academy and the tennis development squad seem to have inspired him and he told me yesterday he's been feeling better since he started exercising more. Good old endorphins.

One of the other taxi drivers rang me this arvo to ask if I'd mind swapping shifts with him this weekend, my Friday for his Saturday. It just so happens that Geelong are playing Collingwood in the Grand Final of the NAB Cup on Friday night and I'd been trying to work out a way to be able to watch it. Problem solved!
I'm also hoping to go to footy training tomorrow arvo for my first run with the Masters team in a couple of years! That will be a shock, to the team, and to me!!!
Only a couple of weeks until the real footy season starts again, I can hardly wait.
The Cats are hungry and looking for redemption!!

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