Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Long Weekend

I don't know what Labour Day is but I am awfully glad today was a public holiday because of it! Long weekends, gotta love 'em!
I needed some R&R after the beach carnival exertions.
Not that it was all rest, on top of my usual Friday night taxi shift I'd forgotten I was also doing Sat night this week! Then I got a call from Kingy this arvo asking if I could cover his shift tonight!! It was only five hours because it's Monday, and I only had three jobs but one of them was to retrieve a family who had written off their car about 40km out of town on the Jalbarragup Rd. They weren't hurt thankfully, especially as they had three little boys. Their trailer jack-knifed causing the crash which tore both front wheels off their car.
I dropped them off at a motel in town after they politely declined my offer that they could stay at our place for the night.

Friday night was pretty quiet and I was so tired that I actually pulled over to a dark quiet place and slept for a couple of hours! Consequently I didn't make much for the night.

Sat night by contrast was very profitable with an $86 fare to Margaret River followed by an $81 fare to Dunsborough and a $68 return fare to Busso in succession.
The MR fare was to take home a girl who told me she worked as a "skimpy" barmaid who had just had an unpleasant experience whilst working topless at a bucks party. I talked to her about her work and her experiences. The money is her main reason for doing this sort of work; she had earnt $800 for the evening!! Prefacing it with the comment that she'd probably never been asked this by a taxi driver before, at the end of the trip asked if I could pray for her! She looked slightly stunned but accepted my offer and looked and sounded quite moved afterwards.

On Sunday night Mrs Holt Press and I went to the Tropfest short film festival at Mad Fish Winery near Cowaramup and thoroughly enjoyed it. They screened the 16 finalists in the competition, selected from over 600 entries. There were some excellent films, many with great humour, plot twists and interesting story lines.
It drizzled for much of the evening but a couple of extra large garbage bags purchased for the bargain price of 50c proved affective in keeping us dry.

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