Thursday, March 12, 2009


I was humbled at the Scrabble Club last night! A new lady came for the first time and she beat me! I don't like losing so that wasn't fun but she irritated me by her manner, falsely modest, pushing the rules, bringing an "International Scrabble Word Lister" which none of us are familiar with, and getting her nose out of joint when I wouldn't accept certain words that weren't in our standard reference dictionary. She won all three games she played but kept insisting it was luck when in fact she was an exceptionally good player! She made at least four 7 letter words on the night. She kept talking about the other scrabble club she played in and implying that our rules weren't really up to scratch etc. I played her last and although my letters were pretty ordinary was competitive until near the end when I made a couple of mistakes and opened up scoring opportunities which she pounced on.

By the end of the night I wanted to ................... but, violence is not a solution! I can't go doing that to people, no matter how annoying they are, and it would have looked like sour grapes anyway because she'd just trounced me!

I'll be hungry for revenge next month!

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