Monday, March 09, 2009

The Heir Leaves Home (Again)

The Heir and I set off just after 10 and had an uneventful trip to Perth. He dropped me off in Scarborough while he went to deliver the trailer load of stuff to his new abode in Bentley.
I met with Jason and Miranda to discuss their Mum's funeral and everything was sorted out and planned for tomorrow. They were in fairly good shape considering the circumstances.
I prayed with them before I left.
The Heir picked me up after he'd had a quick swim at Scarborough Beach, one of my favourite places when I was a kid.
From Bentley I took the scooter and went to meet Sally Warren and Callum so we could go to the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition at Cottesloe Beach. It was brilliant, just as it is every year, and there were hundreds of people up and down the beach admiring and interacting with the 50+ sculptures.
I briefly dropped in to visit Rose before swapping the scooter back for the car and bidding farewell to the Heir.
I've spent this evening writing the message for the service tomorrow. I'll review it in the morning just to see if it still feels OK. It was challenging to write, trying to strike the right balance and capture the tone and feel that the family are wanting.
I'm glad the service is not until 3.00 tomorrow; that will give me time to do a few things in the morning. I may look around for a pair of trousers, the ones in my suit are really ugly, I never like wearing them, the tailor must have been on drugs when he designed them.

It was Mrs Holt Press' birthday today and I arranged for her and Favourite Daughter to pick up her present in my absence. I was quite nervous about whether she would like it but when I spoke to her this evening she said she did so I felt relieved. It is a painting of a vineyard done in water colour that I bought at an art auction fundraiser for the bushfire appeal. Another bloke kept bidding against me, pushing the price higher than I really wanted to go but I figured that with the money going to such a good cause it was ok to keep bidding until I got it!

I'm at Chatteau d'Taffrail for the night.

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