Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cats and Camping

The drama trip went well on Thursday although it was a long tiring day.

We had a pleasant surprise when my brother Bruce arrived in town for work and came round to watch the first game of the footy season. Sadly for him the Tigers got clobbered by Carlton.

Tonight I've just "snuck" home from a camp for an hour to watch the footy and see Geelong hold on to beat Hawthorn in the Grand Final rematch. I'm helping to run a Warriuka camp for SU this weekend but we got all the kids settled into bed and I grabbed the chance to come home, I couldn't stand not nowing what had happened. It was close in the end but inaccurate kicking by the Cats made it seem closer than it should have been.

I'm just about to head back to camp now.

I picked up a bargain this afternoon in Jetset's Friday arvo sale, a return airfare fom Perth to Melbourne for $198!! That will see me in Melbourne for round 9, including the Friday night game, Geelong v Western Bulldogs!!

I'm so glad the footy season has started again.

Go Cats.


Zaac said...

steve johnson was pretty lucky not to get reported, i looked up at the screen at work to see him deck someone with his fore-arm in one of the scuffles.

Jacqui said...

Hi Marcus,
I thought this might be a way of getting in touch as my email has no addresses when I open it over here.
I am still with Paul and Vicki, and going to dinner with Skip and Joshua tonight, I was going up there to stay the night but Terri is ill and don't want to catch anything, as always I haven't got time to be sick.
We have had a great week, Vicki and I doing something every day and then meals shared with Paul. I played two soccer games one night, he is so fit.
I hope all goes well with Geelong and the Eagles.

Love to you all, mum