Saturday, March 21, 2009


Our computer has crashed! The kids are having withdrawal symptons!
I've run a repair program on it and it "looks" like it's fixed, ie. everything looks normal, but it isn't! IE won't open and gives odd messages when you try. Same with Windows mail. The firewall is off and refuses to be turned back on! All in alla most unsatisfactory situation.
On the positive side, my laptop is still working, thus this post is made possible.
I suspect a visit from a technician whose hands will require greasing with silver will be required before normality is restored.

I had a very eventful day at work but am too tired to blog about it now. I'll catch up some time over the weekend, in between taking The Heir and Alex up to Perth tomorrow arvo and going with them to see Skipping Girl Vinegar play at the Fly By Night Club in Freo tomorrow night. Tickets $25 at the door if you want to come and check them out, them being a funky little band from Melbourne that my mate Chris plays in, he being a school chaplain over there. That is clearly not one of the best constructed sentences I've ever posted on the blog but it is 4am, it's been a long and challenging day and I'm too tired to make it any more coherent.

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