Friday, March 13, 2009

Let's Hope the Cats NAB the Cup!

One hour to go until the NAB Cup Grand Final (on TV) In reality the game is nearly over and I could be listening to it on the radio but I always prefer to watch the game, and to do so without knowing the result. I'm hoping the Cats beat the Pies of course but it is always a little wierd knowing that the result is already determined before I watch the game.
So, Go Cats. And if you already know the score and Collingwood won, don't go telling me, or stirring me! It may only be the pre-season comp but I still want the Cats to win.

Meanwhile Phat Phriday returned for the first time this year today. Favourite Daughter and Winchester came and helped me run it and we had a good turnout. Our traditional first program each year is Frozen Chicken Bowling and it proved as popular and as messy as ever, especially once the plastic bag tore open and the chicken started coming apart!

I received some very positive feedback from a teacher this afternoon, commending me on the job I've been doing so far this year and telling me that he has had many comments to that effect from other staff members,"into double figures Marcus" (referring to the number of comments!) "so go home and have a good weekend!"
Fair enough.
It is nice to hear that my work is being noticed and appreciated. I'm certainly feeling better and more positive about the job this year.

40 minutes to go until the footy starts!

Go Cats!

Not just cause I love Geelong; like all decent footy fans, I hate Collingwood. Imagine how much they'll carry on if they win! It's bad enough having Carlton regaining their arrogant swagger with everyone tipping them to make the top 4! We don't need Collingwood crowing as well!

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