Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Put that on your bloody blog Marcus"

That was the parting shot from Dave after a hilarious night of playing Balderdash with him and his family down at the Anglican campsite last night. The game was great but it was Dave's antics that really had us laughing. He had some social lubrication keeping him going and the more he imbibed the funnier he became! With words like DRONKSHIP and SWORDICK as ammunition nothing was going to stop him, not even the rebukes of his "apalled" offspring!
Rhys requested that his name be highlighted in this report of proceedings, so here it is!
We had gone down to visit them for a BBQ and met up with Geoff W who was also camping there. He joined the game, with his bottle of red, and plenty of high spirits flowed.
They were planning to get up and play golf at 7 this morning but Mrs HP and I were very dubious about their chances of making it.

We had spent the afternoon touring a few galleries around Vasse and Yallingup. I entered two paintings in the Vasse Art Show but was disappointed to find that they had only hung one of them in the exhibition!

I have found another outlet though, the HoJo's cafe in town. I finally met them today in the flesh, having gotten to know them over the net via our respective blogs. They are keen to develop the cafe as an outlet for local artists to display and sell their work so I'll take a few paintings in this week and give it a go.

We had a surprise but welcome guest arrive tonight, Favourite Daughter has come "home" for a few days. She and The Heir are planning to move into a house together up in Perth next week, they just need a third person to share with them.

I cooked a BBQ for dinner and we sat outside amidst the candles, eating and talking.

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