Saturday, January 24, 2009


Someone pranked the Heir's scooter while he was at work on Thurs night so he asked to borrow my car tonight in case they struck again. That left me the scooter to ride to work tonight (in the taxi).
Going to work, no problem.
Coming home from work? Problem!
It was freezing!
The seat was wet with dew.
I couldn't wear my sunnies at night so my face was cold and eyes unprotected.
I'd have needed a minimum of two more layers of clothes to feel remotely comfortable.
Thankfully it's only a five minute ride from the depot to home. Any further than that and I'd have developed icicles enroute.
I stuck my head in the fridge when I got home just to warm up!

Apart from that it wasn't a bad night. A couple of flat spots but I had some good long fares which boosted my takings. Most of the drunks were friendly enough. One bloke was mumbling incomprehensibly, and repulsive, at least that's how it appeared as the girl he tried to get to share the cab home with him refused on 4 different occasions! The final confirmation came when he brazenly threw his food wrapper out the window of the cab as we drove down the main street. Then followed an incident dripping with hypocritical irony. Someone had knocked over a wheelie bin scattering rubbish over the main roundabout in town. He got out of the cab to remove the bin and clear away some of the debris, then proceeded to criticise the "idiots in this town who trash the place"!!!!
He was too drunk to confront, too ignorant to understand and too unintelligible to make sense of.
All I could do was rejoice that he clocked up a $30 fare!!

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