Saturday, January 31, 2009

Made it

I survived the first week back at school. Sure I was only there for two days, but they were tough.
I had to stay awake for a start.

Despite last night's attempt to get to bed earlier, events conspired against me.
Just as I was dropping off The Heir sent a text asking me to come and pick him up after the staff BBQ. So it was after one before I got back to bed.

Today's main activity was providing lunch for all the staff. I've become the unofficial Sausage Sizzle King it seems, I'm certainly the Go-To Man whenever someone wants something BBQd at school. I tried to add some variety to the standard sausage and onions menu today by adding potato slices and a couple of big platters of sliced fruit. That proved to be popular and everyone had sufficient to eat. The Summer stone fruit season is my favourite, I've almost been living on nectarines the last few weeks.

I came home and slept for a couple of hours after work before Sport Boy woke me up with the news that I was due to start my taxi shift in five minutes!

It was a long slow quiet night in the cab, the only excitement being my frantic attempts to kill the radio whenever they threatened to give the result of the tennis. I've recorded tonight's game between Nadal and Devasco in the Australian Open semi-final. Sounds like it was a great match and I always enjoy watching something more if I don't know the result.
Whoever wins (won) I'm hoping Roger Federer wins the final so he can equal Sampras' record of 14 Grand Slams, and then hopefully go on to win at least one more.

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