Thursday, January 29, 2009

Home Handyman on the Loose

It's back to work tomorrow, it's been fun while it lasted.

Today's first task was to finish assembling a;ll the paperwork and figures for my (2008) tax return and send it all off to Big Brother the Accountant. A little later than normal, so much so that the tax dept.'s debt collectors rang him the other day to ask where it was!!
It was good to finally get it done. Hopefully it will all make sense to BB and be lodged shortly.
paperwork done I turned my attention to a few home handyman jobs this afternoon, which means of course I need to blog about it. I hung two sets of coat hooks that Mrs Holt Press bought at IKEA, one in our wardrobe and one in Sport Boy and Favourite Daughter's room. The aim is to promote neatness and decrease clutter on the "floordrobe".
Fingers crossed.

While I still had the drill out I decided that two years was long enough to wait before re-hanging the Roman blind in The Hair's room!
Easier said than done, which is a recurring theme in Holt Press Handymanning! My attempts to drill into the lintel proved fruitless. Closer inspection revealed that it was metal. Hmmm! This called for heavy artillery...back to Bunnings to buy the toughest drill bit I could find. Ready, aim, drill!
I may as well have bought an engraver for all the penetration I achieved! The drill bit slid around in a flowery pattern but made no vertical progress. I was stumped! Time to call in the BIG GUNS! That's right, I rang Birchy. I told him my troubles. Unexpectedly he admitted that this was a job too tough even for the likes of him. "Don't try and drill into the lintel, you can't do it"!! Shock horror!
Before I collapsed in incredulity he suggested I try plan B and described how he had overcome the same problem.
Some sort of bracket screwed onto the side of the window recess was required.
Reassured, I went looking for something suitable and after fossicking around in some trays of scrap metal in the back yard found a couple of heavy duty brackets that ought to do the trick. Only after I sawed off half of each one that is! Out with the trusty $4 WA Salvage hacksaw and half an hour and with the assitance of The Hair later, they were cut and ready.
Drilling the holes and attaching them was easy but now the blind was too long to fit in the slots of the brackets. 15 minutes of defrocking the drapery later I'd adjusted the length and voila it fit, after we repositioned the eye-hooks holding the blind cords that is.
It's up, it looks good, The Hair is happy and I'm satisfied, mission accomplished.
I am seriously trying to get bed earlier tonight so I can get to work on time in the morning. Good night.

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