Thursday, January 22, 2009

Petticoat Lane

One of the highlights of the Busselton Festival each year is the Petticoat Lane Street Markets. Queen St is closed to traffic and over 100 stalls and vendors set up shop selling the usual range of craft, soap, art, jewelry, honey, nuts, candles, doilies, and assorted cheap junk, as well as a range of fund-raising food stands run by local community groups. It is a good night to wander up and down the street looking at all the things you don't want to buy, and occasionally stumbling across something you do. This year it was a BBQ apron made in Cambodia by women from the Hagar project. We have two lots of friends who work with Hagar, former chaplain Wilma and her husband Bart in Cambodia and Phil and Julie in Afghanistan so it was good to be able to support their work and get a useful item to boot.

A friend through church, Pauline had a stall selling beaded jewelry and key rings who told us that she had learnt to make them at Mum's craft classes at Augusta a couple of weeks ago!

The other highlight of the night was seeing a boy wearing a T-shirt with a saying that has taken on great significance recently: "I'm Beaced as Bro" was the title of a skit that Sport Boy performed with Daniel at the concert also in Augusta on the last night of the beach mission. It in turn was a take-off of a popular You Tube clip. I will try and put a link to the original but I've had trouble embedding You Tube clips of late.

Sorry, no go on embedding, in fact I've just been wrestling with some sort of heavy metal invader playing horrendous "music" on my computer from no visible or detectable source, very strange. meanwhile, here's the link to "I'm beached as Bro" a somewhat surreal dialogue between a beached whale and a seagull. SportBoy played the part of the seagull, minus the swearing!

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The HoJo's said...

There were a LOT of fundraising food stalls weren't there.
Did you miss the fight outside the Vasse ending up with one chap getting Tasered? (sp). Twit.
We are eating a very nice jam this morning purchased from the markets, so an enjoyable 2 hours wandering around munching on freebies was worthwhile.