Friday, January 16, 2009

Losing Count of Our Blessings

One of the many blessings of living in Busselton is the close proximity to wonderful places like Meelup Beach. We had a picnic tea there this evening and despite the friendliness of the flies and seagulls as we were eating, it was very pleasant. Not so much for SportBoy who stood on something sharp and cut his foot just after we got there but even he recovered enough to go in the water and play frisbee after tea.

Before Meelup I went out for a drink with Collo who is in town until tomorrow. I took him to The Ship so that he could see my paintings as well as have a drink. As a former chaplain he well understands my job with its various challenges and we discussed the current state of YouthCare affairs.

The rest of the day was spent pottering and painting. I tried again to get the boat started , and failed again. Having had a long chat with Jacqui R on the phone talking about Augusta she suggested I contact Bruce so I sms'd him seeking his advice. He replied that he was in Utah and suggested I take it to a boat shop! Thanks Bruce!

All four Holt Press offspring are at home at the moment. The Hair has returned from the harvest, although he's going up to Perth tomorrow to go to a "Whitechapel" concert with a couple of mates. Who or what is Whitechapel you ask?
A band of some description, no doubt somewhere between thrash and death metal, who derive their name not from the Monopoly board but rather as the area in which Jack the Ripper operated!!!!
Favourite Daughter is heading back to Perth tomorrow morning also, to work in the cafe and move her gear out of the house in Maylands that she was sharing with the other two girls. She and The Heir are hoping to find a place to share together and may have a lead on a unit in Subiaco so we're all praying that will come through.
The whisper in the wind is that The Heir is thinking of applying for a very significant job in Perth. Can't say any more now but I'll keep you posted.

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