Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MCG @ Augusta

Favourite Daughter has been developing a keen interest in photography and got some great pictures while we were at Augusta, including this one of Sport Boy jumping rock pools.
I'm hoping this budding interest might open up some career thinking for her.
At the sandcastle competition I had my first go at sand carving using the methods I learnt through talking to a sand sculptor a couple of years ago. The key to success, apart from having some artictic ability and a steady hand, is in the preparation. Getting the sand ready to carve. To do that you need to pack it tightly and to do that I enlisted Birchy's help. He knocked up some basic form-work and we used this to create a strong foundation, a solid block of sand from which to create our "masterpiece". Our subject was a place close to both our hearts, the MCG!
While not an exact scale replica, we were very pleased with the outcome from our first attempt and I look forward to bigger and better creations next year!

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Peter said...

I can imagine having fun with "dronkship and swordick" in balderdash... don't underestimate the power of GOLF, did they make it?
BTW is artictic talent anything like artistic talent? just askin'.