Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday Night

Friday night is taxi night but so far it's been very very quiet so I'm grabbing the chance to blog. Not that I've got much to say!

It's been stinking hot here today but even hotter in Perth, subsequently there are bushfires in several places including near Bridgetown where Mum and Walter live but it's well outside of town and not threatening their place.

I delivered some paintings to the HoJo's cafe today, they're going to hang them and hopefully attract some buyers! I dropped another couple off at the Courthouse gallery following the news that they sold one of my paintings (below) in December; the very welcome cheque arrived today, along with bills for three times the amount of the cheque!!! The bad news is that they confused it for another one of mine and sold it for $80 less than it was priced!!!!

I've been pottering around with some electronic gadgets the last couple of days, the result being that I have got one of the X-Boxes I bought at an auction working, I've rigged up an amp to the TV/DVD to produce some decent sound, and after starting to take it apart for bits and pieces actually managed to get my old stereo CD player working again! It's now in Sport Boy's room.

The phone just rang, someone wants a cab!!
Several hours later:
It was one of the quietest nights ever in the taxi, especially for a Friday. If it weren't for a Dunsborough job right at the end it would have been a disaster!
There's a Collectibles auction at 10 in the morning that I'd like to get to! Realistically that's not very likely, so I left a few bids with Dave the auctioneer on some badges and a couple of old toy planes. I have to work again tomorrow night, as does Mrs Holt Press and The Heir so I won't be rushing to get up in the morning.

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The HoJo's said...

Glad you sold one, shame about the extra $80 though, fingers crossed for the rest of them.
So now you can fix an xbox the boat will be next surely ;o)