Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama

America has a black President for the first time.
Barack Hussein Obama has been sworn in as the 44th President of the USA.

I joined the millions assembled in Washington and watching around the world as the new president was inaugurated.

After being tripped up by the Chief Justice who got the oath of office out of order Obama was eloquent and purposeful in his much awaited speech.

There was not the soaring rhetoric and political tub-thumping of the campaign, rather he was realistic, pragmatic and bluntly honest about the size of the challenge ahead in light of two wars and the financial crisis yet defiant and determined in stating his belief that America can survive the current dilemmas and re-emerge as a trusted world leader.

" We gather because we have chosen hope over fear"

"We will extend our hand (of friendship) if you will unclench your fist"
Rev. Lowery's benediction was fantastic, even launching into some rap at the end!

Obama has taken on the toughest job in the world at one of the most difficult times in history.
I hope and pray that God will grant him strength and wisdom, and protect him and his family.

It was a day of more mundane domestic activity in the Holt Press world. I drilled lots of holes and hung a broom holder and stationery rack for Mrs HP, fitted a new toilet roll holder in the second dunny, and put in several new picture hooks.
It is so good to be on holidays and able to pick and choose what I do and the time I take to do it.

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Cliff said...

Thanks for the visit. Yes I've invited your Dad on several occasions. He refused on the basis of he wanted fall colors. He was correct that we were a few months off for that. Remind him he is welcome anytime and has someone to show him around the midwest and a place to stay in Nebraska.
As for this post. I hope our new president doesn't follow thru with his campaign promises because we simply can't afford them. Or his slide to toward socialism. I wish him well. I had a different take on the benediction and was a bit put off by the poem and it's meaning. If you live here and think you're being held back by anyone but yourself, you are delusional.