Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rocking the House

The mop up of the camp is proving to be a bit of a pain, trying to reconcile all the money, staff allowances and acquittals, getting the accounts paid etc. I'm hoping to streamline the process next year!!
I made my debut as the new House Coordinator at today's school assembly. The House system has been neglected the last year or so but we're aiming to relaunch it and amp it up next year as part of a strategy to improve the tone of the school. We're going to introduce a colours and honours system as well, an idea I've borrowed from my time at Carine. Today I conducted the House Point draw, giving digital cameras to 4 kids who had received house points for good behaviour and attitudes. I made a unilateral decision to not give awards to kids who weren't in attendance or who were out of uniform! I also took the opportunity to give a Christmas message and briefly recount the Christmas story, how the baby Santa had been born to save the world by encouraging people to spend lots of money, eat and drink to excess and watch cricket! The odd chuckle indicated that a few kids picked up on the joke but I fear others may have gone home and repeated the updated version of the Christmas story, which may lead to confusion in later years!
Two days to go till school finishes for the year and I'm hanging out for it! Shame about all the work I need to get done before then!

The Heir's English visitors have been staying with us for the last few days and have been easy to get along with and good fun. He has been playing host, taking them on the tourist treks etc. They're off to Perth tomorrow to pick up the 4th member of the crew, Ian. We'll catch up with them on the weekend when we head up to Perth for the Family Christmas Gathering.

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