Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy Birthday to Hugh

Hugh's 60th birthday party was a hoot. We missed the lawn bowling due to the late finish of the mission team meeting in Mandurah but got there in time to cook on the BBQ and join the celebration. Sport Boy was the only kid at the party but he had especially wanted to come because he is so fond of Hugh. I met Hugh about 20 years ago when I took his Perth Mod kids abseiling and caving on camps down at Margaret River. For the last 15 years he has been a founding member of the Breakfast Club, a small group of mates who originally met for breakfast once a month as a support when I started in school chaplaincy. We still get together but not as regularly; I've moved to Busselton and Phil has gone back to Afghanistan, but along with Broadie, the 4 of us meet whenever we can. It was great to be with Hugh and his wide and diverse range of friends for his birthday. I took the opportunity to say a few words and to affirm Hugh and tell him how important his friendship is to me and that I love him. I invited others to do the same and was delighted when several people got up and spoke, telling stories and reminiscences of their friendship with Hugh, amidst much laughter. It was a great night.

We stayed with the Van Wollies last night and tonight we're at Chatteau d'Taffrail with Sally and Warren. Sport Boy has had a great afternoon playing with BBQ Sauce Boy and friends and tonight we all went 10 pin bowling at Cannington.
I was rudely awoken by a blood nose this morning. Once I'd stemmed that I went in search of a swap meet and ended up at Belmont. I concentrated on searching for badges and planes, finding several of both. I was disappointed that a couple of times I was unable to haggle a decent price on some badges but proud of the fact that I walked away rather than paying too high a price for something I wanted but didn't need! Warren reckons I shouldn't have bought the helicopters that were missing their rotors but I countered him by flicking the switch on one of them to demonstrate that not only were the batteries still working but the lights flashed and the military sound effects were fully functional!

Tomorrow I've got CSRC briefings at Duncraig and Mandurah before we return home. Mrs Holt Press wants to go to IKEA. I want to take the train to Mandurah as a test run for one of the activities on the camp we're just not sure If I can do it in the time between briefings.
Sport Boy is just happy to be missing a day of school!

Ironically in our absence, both Mum and Walter and the Robinsons have called in at our place!
Mum and Walter are staying the night and going car hunting in Bubury tomorrow.

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