Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cool School Race Camp Countdown: -3

Friday was busy. Camp prep is in top gear now and much progress made, especially as I've just put in another 6 hours at the office tonight. I give thanks for modern photo copiers which work quickly and without breakdown, unlike the old dinosaurs I used to wrestle with in the early days. Now it's set and forget.
Add the joy of a folding machine pumping out folded pages of clues and the like and the job is much quicker and easier all round.
There are 184 kids, broken up into 23 teams of 8 coming on the camp so there's a lot of stuff to prepare. Staff will number 30 this year, with 8 schools participating. Tonight I finished the Staff Hand Book, a 67 page document detailing all the ins and outs and rules and conditions of how the camp runs. Thankfully with computers most of it just requires updating and editing each year but there is still a lot of tweaking and adjusting to get it right and make it better each year. I enjoy putting it all together but it's time consuming. One more solid day's work should see everything finished although I keep adding little jobs and things to take to my To Do List. I'd be lost without that list!!

Friday lunchtime saw the last Phat Phriday of the year and The Heir and Toni did a great job, taking charge of all the planning, purchasing, setting up and running of the program, the highlight of which was pillow fight basketball. Hopefully I'll be able to upload some video of this brilliant game tomorrow.

Friday night came and went with a solid 10 hours in the taxi and hardly a break in business the whole night, always good for the wallet. Some of the customers were unusually obnoxious but there were some good ones scattered amongst them too.
With a 4 o'clock finish I slept till 3 today, and with another late shift at the office tonight my body clock is all out of sync! I'm looking forward to the holidays when most of the frenetic pace of life will settle down, especially mid January when beach mission is finished.

Tomorrow is Ironman Triathlon day in Busselton, you might see it on TV even. I'm not volunteering this year, the camp has kept me too busy, but we'll probably go down late tomorrow night and watch the stragglers finish after 18 hours of swimming cycling and running!I've invited a few people round for a BBQ tomorrow arvo now that the patio is clean and tidy again! I might recruit them to help me stuff envelopes with clues, quizzes and answers for the camp.


The HoJo's said...

Ironman (our first to watch) was amazing. We watched from various points around the cycle and run courses, watched the first 15 come in, including first lady at just under 9 hours, much later we trotted off to the turning point on the run at around 9pm and yes, a few stragglers, some grateful for our encouragement, some rather morose looking! I feel for the lady who was still only on her second lap! Not encouraged to enter myself though :o)

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