Wednesday, December 24, 2008

No Vacancies

We're home again and have a happy house full of guests. The musical beds have been sorted out, leaving me on a blow up mattress on the lounge room floor!
I got a really good sleep-in this morning so I'm not complaining.
We stopped for lunch and a brief look around Mandurah on the way home, which meant Vicki and Rex got here before us. I told them where the spare key was so they were able to get in and make themselves at home.

We went out for dinner tonight, planning to go to El Gringos Mexican restaurant only to find it closed. Why would you not have your restaurant open in one of the busiest weeks of the year in a tourist town? A good question to which I don't know the answer.
Their loss, we took our business to The Goose overlooking Geographe Bay and the jetty.
The food was very nice, I had seafood linguine followed by apple & date cake with caramel sauce! Mmmmm!
We took a little tour of some of Busso's more speccy Christmas lights on the way home then Rex set about fixing a couple of problems I've been having with the computer and the laptop.
Mrs Holt Press went to bed because she starts work at 7 in the morning. Vicki followed shortly after. Favourite Daughter and Sport Boy are on the fold out sofa bed.

The Heir cooked a late dinner for the UK Crew then I challenged them to a rematch at Trivial Pursuit. This time I won but the girls were asleep by the end. Ian kept the rivalry alive by declaring, "That's 1-all"! The battle will be rejoined in Bridgetown I suspect.

The only small disappointment of the day was having to miss the chaplain's Christmas BBQ at Steve's place. I dropped around to give my apologies and have a quick drink. They understood the family priority, in fact a couple of other people had also had to give their apologies due to family commitments. Docker Dave and family will be staying in Busso for a couple of weeks in the new year so I invited them round for a BBQ when we get back from Augusta.
Talking of which, if any Perth friends want to come down south and need somewhere to stay, our
place will be available in early January. Let me know:)

Sport Update
Spurs lost 2-1 at Newcastle to a last minute goal but the NY Giants beat Carolina to clinch home-ground advantage throughout the NFL play-offs. The Aussies lost the first test to Sth Africa who made the 2nd highest 4th innings score to win a test match in history. Heads look like rolling for the Boxing Day test.

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