Monday, December 08, 2008

Cool School Race Camp - Leaving Ready or Not

The time has come. I've done everything I can think of to prepare and get ready and pack before leaving for Perth. The crunch will come about an hour into the trip. If it's going to happen that will be the time that I remember something I should havebought, brought, done, rung, emailed, packed or arranged.
My lists are all ticked off but that's not 100% guarantee that I'm finished, there are so many little details to take care of on this camp that things easily slip past. I've put in some very long hours over the last week, hopefully enough.
I'm driving a hire car to Perth, complete with cruise control and air con and a massive boot which is now crammed full of gear.
The Heir and Toni left this morning, I'll see them in the morning.
When I get there tonight I'll pack bags for the groups with all their books and clues and mascots and bitsand pieces. Hopefully Dave has got the ID cards all finished and ready. I located the missing lanyards, they are still at Carine from last year's camp, I'll pick them up in the morning.
I've got $3000 in cash advances and a bundle of cheques to provide the staff with their daily allowances and pay for everything over the next three days.
The books are all printed and bound and ready.
We lost about 5 kids across the 8 schools over the last two days, the usual attrition rate just before camp, but I did pick up a couple of new kids from a 9th school this afternoon for a net loss of three.
The kids will gather at 5.45 tomorrow morning and board the bus at 6.
We aim to arrive by 9.30 and start by 10 but I suspect we'll be a bit later than that by the time we get everything and everyone organised. Managing 180+ kids in 23 groups and over 25 staff is a big operation.
well, let's hope all goes well.
Blogging may be sporadic over the next few days.


The HoJo's said...

that is organised!
If you have missed anything vital I can throw it out of my window as I drive past Perth on Saturday arvo :o)
Have fun

Anonymous said...

Dang! have been busy. Have fun.. Go tigers

Elham said...

hey did

every get off and running?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for giving my daughter an amazing 3 days .... she hasn't stopped talking about how awesome it was and how much fun she had.
You and all the other chaplains, teachers and volunteers deserve a medal for what you have given these kids :) The comments she has made about teamwork, integrity and helping others are music to my ears - she even sounds happy about being disqualified at the end and coming last !
Have a fantastic, restful and 16 year old free evening - you definitely deserve it !
Thank you again,
Justine Moorman
(Mother of an exhausted, starving and massively thrilled Brittany from Duncraig High)