Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh Happy Day

Tonight was Sport Boy's Christmas Concert at school and it was great. Lots of fun songs and acts from pre-schoolers to the graduating year 6's. for us the highlight was the yr 5 performance of a song from Sister Act. The kids were all decked out in robes like a southern gospel choir and as the music started Sport Boy took centre stage and began a very convincing mime of Oh Happy Day. He was fantastic and lots of people laughed as he "sang". The rest of the kids sang and bopped along to the chorus then other kids took the lead role, but, in my humble and completely unbiased opinion, SB was the best!

Now I'm about to adjourn to the lounge room to watch the finale of Survivor!
I don't care what people say, I love Survivor and this season has been a ripper! Jeanette, a fellow fan has just arrived and I'm about to break out the candles and snuffer so we can have our own little tribal council extinguishing ritual!!

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Zaac said...

the heirs english friends: we love the survivor finale!! No joke, i could see how addictive that kind of show could be with all the characters and devious plots and general stupidity. But the candles pretty much made the show. Apologies if we were at first a little disproving or noisy through the programme!