Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rest Work and Play

It wasn't easy to get out of bed this morning after such a big day and night. I don't drink so it wasn't a hangover but I could have easily slept another 2-3 hours if I hadn't had to be in Shenton Park by 11 for rehearsals. The team and I p in a solid 4+ hours of rehearsing the 4 plays we are putting on at mission this year. They're based on Max Lucado's stories about the Wemmicks, little wooden people and I am the Narrator/Eli, the wood carver who made the Wemmicks. We made a fair bit of progress but I am still nervous, I've never lead the drama team before and we are trying a different style this year, something that I suggested so I feel a fair bit of responsibility for the outcome. The stories are good but lack a little bit of creative humour so I'm looking for ways to add jokes and puns and funny lines. It's a challenge.

While I was rehearsing the rest of the family went shopping. Once we were finished Mrs HP came and picked me up and we headed out to Hillarys for dinner with the rest of the family, fish and chips at the beach, followed by ice cream. Sport Boy, Uncle Alan and I then had a round of wacky putt mini golf which was full of fun and surprises.
As we were leaving Hillarys I ducked into a cafe looking for the rest of the family when someone called out "Marcus". I looked around and discovered Mark Nicoski, he of West Coast Eagles fame, sitting around a table with a large group of guys and girls who all turned out to be former Carine students I had coached in the school footy team. It was great to see them and catch up for a few minutes. They were there to celebrate Kris Nobbs' birthday which to my "horror" was his 26th!! Nothing is more certain to make you feel old than seeing kids you worked with at school all grown up!!

We have returned to Favourite Daughter's place in Maylands for the night. The Heir and crew headed back to Busso this arvo. Tomorrow we'll head back home too and look like being joined by Vicki and Rex.

The only downside of having all the family and friends around is it makes me less motivated to do the work I have to do in preparation for beach mission. I've got newspapers to write and compile, a quiz night to prepare and various other tasks associated with being co-director and part of the team.


Anonymous said...

hey dad. could you do me a favour? or someone else in the family. whilst the shops are still open, could you purchase one or more of the following items, none of which can be substituted:

-arnotts brand farmbake cookies
-devondale brand thickened cream (its about the size of a fist)

that would be totally awesome. im well craving them right now.
hope home is going well
love jordan

Anonymous said...

incase the reasoning for me asking you to buy them doesnt make sense, ill be home tommorow