Saturday, December 27, 2008

Boxing Day

Another day, another round of family feasting and fun.
One crew left for Busselton but were replaced by new arrivals from Perth.
We played Trivial Pursuit again this arvo and tonight had another hilarious round of Balderdash.
The afternoon saw most people engage in a drawn out water pistol fight while I struggled manfully to do some work and protect the computer from a drenching. I ended up soaked but the laptop survived.

I was not greeted kindly this morning, every man and his dog blaming me for disturbing their sleep with my snoring. When you're sharing a dormitory sized bedroom with 8 people there are inevitably going to be disturbances but even though I waited until well after everyone else was asleep before retiring apparently that was not enough.

Tonight they've got an even bigger head start because Pop and I have just been sitting and talking for the last two hours. (The time is now 10 to 4 in the morning BTW) We used to do this (sit up late and talk for hours) more often but distance and circumstances have made it less frequent the last few years; it was good to do it again. My father is an intelligent man with views and opinions on most topics you'd care to raise and a ready sense of humour. We don't share the same faith or politics so we do not agree on everything, in fact sometimes we agree on very little, thus the discussions can be wide ranging and challenging but I'd like to believe that there is more than enough mutual love and respect for us to be able to talk about any subject in a mature and reasonable way. I respect Pop's wisdom and life experience and have learned a lot through listening to him and watching him. I've told him before but told him again tonight how much I appreciate the support he gave us when we set about buying our first house and how good a move that has worked out to be, all the more so since our move to Busselton nearly five years ago. He said there is no need to thank him because it was something he wanted to do but regardless of that, I am very thankful.

Just as I am thankful that I live in Australia and enjoy all of the benefits and privileges that go with it. I value the freedom we have to live in peace and prosperity and the way that we have been blessed. I believe we are better off than any other place in the world and I thank God that my family live in Australia.


Anonymous said...

you are infact, incorrect
the computer at home says its 3:51, and i dont know when you posted this, couldve been as early as 3:30
you Fail at giving the correct time

Marcus said...

Sorry but if you're going to trust the vagaries of computer clocks over the witness of he author who looked at his watch at the time of posting, you are going to be disappointed in life.
The time was most definitely 10 to 4.
If you're going to criticise me don't hide behind an "anonymous" tag, at least have the nerve to sign your name!