Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cool School Race Camp

The kids on the camp have to solve puzzles and work out clues in order to find camp site one and camp site two. After retrieving a letter from Post Restante they were directed to ebay in their search. Here's what they were looking for.

On the second day teams had to answer 15 questions in a quiz on the Cool School Race Camp web site. If you'd like to match wits with them and TMBTCSRC the password you need to get started is Robinson.

Leave me a comment if you work out where we stayed!

This year for the first time I included a new task; teams scored 1000 points for each photo of a personalised number plate they took. As the world's leading collector of personalised plate pictures, this stroke of genius enabled me to add 100s of new pics to my collection in one fell swoop thanks to the collective efforts of 180 eagle eyed campers prowling all over Perth.


Anonymous said...

I have to know....
What team do Damien Vuotto & Alfonso Castaneda play for?

all i get is two diff soccer teams on staten island.


Marcus said...

keep looking, you're close.


Anonymous said...

still looking, you're cruel !


Marcus said...

Our motto is "We won't do anything for you that you can do for yourself"

Keep going though, you're closer than you think.

Anonymous said...

So.... can I buy a clue ?

or the answer ?

Anonymous said...

Ok got it (but think your answer was wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
ok now dame edna on google images - how much was that clue again ?

Marcus said...

$5 a clue, $10 an answer!

Well done.

Hint on Dame Edna, use the surname only when you find the right person.

BTW, who are you?


Anonymous said...

I am a teacher who SHOULD be doing end of year stuff instead of the quiz but I am hooked.....
My daughter Brittany from Duncraig was on the race this year - she's the one I'm going to blame when the school maths data isn't handed in on Weds !

Anonymous said...

pyramids..... urgh

think its time for me to go to bed !

Marcus said...

Something a "hole" lot more unexpected.

Brittany was great value on the camp, we talked for quite a while at camp site one and she told me you'd been coaching her before camp, good on you. I love it when the kids go looking for clues before camp.

If you get to the end of the quiz I'll send you a copy of the task book and you can have a go at cracking the codes hidden in it.

BTW, several of the detours didn't get used, you could really surprise someone by rocking up and asking for the answer to CS2!


Anonymous said...

Woohoo !
I can finally finish my data crunching - after I sleep at Greenwood High of course !

Great questions - thanks for a fun few nights of avoiding work :)

Golf courses, Fred Hollows, Nobel prizes, train stations, etc etc etc - talk about a mixed bag of questions !

Thanks again for the awesome job you did with(and for) the kids !

p.s. I;d love a copy of the task book if its still on offer - and how much do I owe you for the clues ?

Marcus said...

Well done, I'm impressed.
I set the questions but my mate Stu does the computer wizardry to make the site work.
With Google and co being so powerful these days the questions have to be smarter, so that they don't just appear in the search summaries.
I love Google Earth and was very pleased with those questions in particular. Couldn't believe how close Cairo is to the pyramids!

I'll send you a book shortly.

Re. the clues, you can buy me a Vanilla Diet Coke some time. :)