Thursday, December 18, 2008


Brittany was perhaps the most determined and committed contestant on the CSRC and her Mum is equally determined, having worked out the destination of camp site two by completing the internet quiz. Good work. I may recruit her to be part of the team next year!
I'm still struggling to sort out the money from the camp, I have to itemise every amount spent by every staff member, it's doing my head in! I don't know how Big Brother the Accountant manages to keep his concentration working with numbers all day, 1/2 an hour and I have to take a break or I blow a fuse!

I enjoy spending money though and today I got to do a bit of that. With the school year about to end and money still in my account, it's either use it or lose it so I went and spent it today on:
A new office chair to replace the one I broke on Monday, it tilts to the left now and I'm getting a sore back from trying to sit upright and compensate for the lean.
A scanner. (Can you believe how cheap printer/scanners are?).
A digital card reader, I was unable to download at least half the kid's photos at the camp because they had different typres of memory cards, this will solve that problem.
A digital photo frame, so I can have a constant display of kids pictures playing in my office window for them to see as they walk past. I may even try to work out how to add in a few "ads" and messages to the slide show.
A thumb drive and extra memory card for said digital photo show.
Spare printer cartridges.
And an MP3 player to use at Phat Phriday, camps, carnivals etc.

In honour of (and to make way for) these purchases I cleaned up my office today and threw out or relocated a whole lot of stuff and reclaimed about 5m2 of floor space in the process, as well as discovering the open jar of baby food Toni aka Winchester hid in my office after the final Phat Phriday! She is a mischievous little tyke!!

The Heir and crew have gone up to Perth for a few days. We'll see them at the big family Christmas gathering on Sunday.
Sport Boy finished school today and brought home a very good report.

I finish tomorrow although I'll be on duty late into the evening as I am the designated driver charged with getting everyone home safely in the maxi taxi at the end of the night.
In the meantime I need to finish the camp accounts, meet with Gaultie for a handover of the House Coordinator job, and try and write a thank you letter for the camp. Wish me luck, I'll need it. Especially compared to tonight! I've begun writing and compiling the daily newspapers for beach mission at Augusta on Publisher. That part went well and I got the first one done. Then came the "fun" trying to get it to print as an A5 booklet on A4 paper! No matter what I tried or where I looked I could not convince it to print it as a newsletter/booklet, I even resorted to using "Help" but it didn't!! If anyone out there has any helpful suggestions please let me know!!!!!

Finally before I close I just want to correct an oversight and right a wrong. In my summary of previous Cool School Race Camp winners the other day I inadvertently left out the 2005 victors, Balcatta SHS, former stomping ground of my good mate Birchy. Just to be clear, this was a genuine mistake and was in no way intended to snub or besmirch the achievements or reputation of that fine school of up and coming mafioso market gardeners.
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