Friday, December 19, 2008


The school year is finished and I'm officially on holiday.


I do need to go into the office and finish off a couple of things...

and I've got to write the newspapers for Augusta...

and prepare and rehearse with the drama team...

and write a Christmas letter....

and drive the taxi tonight....

so, life will not be totally relaxed for a little while yet!

Having said that, there is a lot to look forward to over the next few days and weeks.

Starting with family Christmas in Perth on Sunday, in company with Dad, Vicki & Rex, the Heir's 4 visitors from England and the rest of the usual crew, family, feasting, fun and festivity.

A few days in Bridgetown for round two around Christmas Day.

A couple of BBQs with friends.

10 days in Augusta with all the beach mission "family" from New Year's Day.

And then 2-3 weeks of rest and relaxation with time for painting & pottering, walks on the beach, playing cricket with Sport Boy, having a garage sale, sleeping in, going to the movies and generally enjoying life without the usual pressures of work, deadlines, expectations and obnoxious year 9's!!

As it says in the classics....Bring it on!!

I should report on my last chaplaincy job for the year, driving staff to and from the Christmas Dinner at Tides in the maxi taxi. The trip there was pretty mellow, the trip home on the other hand was a rowdy affair which revealed a different and more colouful side of a few people!!
I got them all home safely which was the main mission, and made a little bit of money in the process which will help with Christmas looming.
The dinner was very nice and I had a couple of good chats but when the drinking and dancing kicked in in earnest I was happy to take one group on to their next engagement and spend a couple of hours at home with Mrs Holt Press until I got the call to go and collect the hard partiers. If anyone needed any proof of my advancing age, this would do it!

I don't often post requests on here but I would very much appreciate prayers for my sister Vicki who has a serious illness and associated health problems stretching back many years. She lives with constant pain and discomfort and the prognosis for recovery is not that encouraging.
She and Rex have come over to WA to spend Christmas with the family which we hope will be a real tonic for her but it could also wear her out. My Dad has blog friends from around the world praying for her and he's a heathen (Hi Pop!! :)) so I can't let him have more prayer supporters than me!!! Seriously though, your prayers for Vicki would be great. Thanks.