Saturday, September 06, 2008

Wacky Hair Day

It was Wacky Hair Day today, organised as a fund raiser for the Breast Cancer Network. A few of the girls got into the spirit of the occasion and received half-melted Mars Bars for their efforts.

I spent the morning at The Times newspaper office going through old papers on their computer system looking up stories on road crash fatalities in the Busselton region. It was both helpful and enlightening and has given me a number of leads to follow up in my "Behind the White Crosses" project. A couple more media outlets have picked up on the story too; a journo from The Weekend Australian rang me this morning and a reporter on ABC Stateline rang me this afternoon, keen to follow up the topic and to see how far advanced my research is. "Not very at this stage" I told each of them but I'm making some progress and the publicity helps to generate the contacts and information I'm looking for. One of the reporters even found my post on the blog and sought me out from that! Ah! The far reaching influence at Holt Press!!!!

My important meeting went well this afternoon (as far as I could tell!) No more news yet but I feel cautiously optimistic.

I took advantage of a rare trip to Bunbury this afternoon to buy a GPS from Retravision who drew me in with their clever advertising, large signs stating "WARNING We will serve you!". I've thought about buying one for a while and have been watching as the prices drop so when I found one today for $99 it was time to bite the bullet. It's obviously at the cheap end of the market but the delivery driver from Retravision who uses the same type in his truck, and bought one for his car recommended it!! I figured it was worth it at the price.
Shame I didn't check out my car's lighter/power socket first! It doesn't work! Or rather, it is dysfunctional! So, I had to find my own way home unassisted. Mrs Holt Press was very pleased with it, and her car's power socket definitely works! I'm also going to give it a try in the taxi, it could/should make life much easier! We'll see.

The footy finals have started and Hawthorn confirmed their status as main challenger to Geelong with a comprehensive thumping of the Bulldogs tonight with Lance Franklin kicking the lazy 8 goals! I didn't watch the game though; tonight I went to see the opening night of the school's performance of "Guys and Dolls". It was good and bad. There were some nervous actors, mistimed dance routines and weak singing voices, but there were also some exceptional performances, with the standout being Anne-Marie in the lead role of Miss Adelaide. It was enjoyable and a good start but I hope they can tighten up on a few things like lighting and sound for tomorrow night's show. They've done a huge amount of work to put the production on, the sets and costumes are excellent and there's a huge cast. Hopefully with the first night out of the way they can do some fine tuning and make it really go off.

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