Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All Are Not Well at Holt Press

Woke up with a throat made of sandpaper and decided to keep my germs to myself rather than go to work.
Sadly, both Sport Boy and The Hair weren't well either and both stayed home as well. SB slept until 2pm!
He was bright enough when he did wake up but tonight had trouble getting to sleep, a headache and strange feelings were bothering him, he found it hard to explain but it sounded as if all his senses had been cranked up, vision, hearing etc he was quite unsettled.
The Hair hasn't been feeling well for several days as a result of a misadventure at the school sports carnival where he and his mate Zac decided to roll rather than run the 100m. Since then he's been suffering dizziness that won't go away. The Dr gave him some tablets for it but they have a limited effect.
Sport Boy should make it to school tomorrow, not sure about The Hair.
I had a quiet day spent watching TV and trying to avoid swallowing.
I did manage to cook dinner on the BBQ for the boys, some very nice steak, mmmm!


Wayne said...

Hey Marcus, great to visit your blog again, but I'm sorry to hear you're crook. Rest-up and stay well mate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Big guy, Looks like the same flu has reached Melbourne. My throat feels like I swallowed a bag of marbles.. Sorry to read you missed out on the job opportunity. Maybe something better is in the future. Go Tigers