Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dad's Day Ditty

It was Fathers Day a couple of weeks ago and Favourite Daughter couldn't be here to celebrate it with me, but she did write a poem in my honour and entered it in a competition at a bookshop.

She didn't win their comp, but she certainly won in my eyes.

Here it is.

My Dad is quite a knowledge wiz

a human encyclopedia my dad is!

My dad doesnt drive a Merc

but he does some wicked sick art work

My dad will often go out of his way

to make me laugh, it makes my day!

My dad is often running late

but i reckon he's just great

My dad is someone i look up to

and not just cos he's tall

He is supportive of the things i do

and i love him most of all. :-)

Pretty cool huh?


Peter said...

Looks like I asked for poetry contributions from the wrong family member???

Marcus said...

Thought you might like it.

Anonymous said...

A hidden talent!Must get it from pop... :-) Go Tigers