Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"Many Paths"

Patrons of the taxi become patrons of the arts.

This is Alison and Jason who I picked up in the taxi on Saturday night. (See yesterday's post)
They came back today to pick up and pay for the painting they'd chosen. It was a semi-commission. They liked the look of this painting but preferred the words on another one they'd looked at at The Ship. So, I offered to do some more work on it and change it to the words they liked. They agreed so I did the work on it last night and they picked it up from me at school at lunchtime. They have a place already picked out for it in their home where the colours match the wall it will hang on. They were happy customers and they made me a happy artist.


Zaac said...

in sydney. virgin suck. some irish woman refused to let me into the virgin blue lounge so could have a shower and a sleep because i "have to be on a departing flight" "but i flew in with you guys" "you need to be on a departing flight" "you already said that, and i didn't need a shower on my way out, i need one after two measley hours sleep on your ruddy airplane" etc. etc.

Marcus said...

Harden up princess!